About me


Hi guys! Welcome to my blog. I am Zinnie, a
graduate of B. Pharmacy living in India.

Fashion is something I have always loved
since I was a kid. I am very creative with my style. I love shopping, trying
out new trends and creating my own style. I frequently get a lot of compliments
from friends and even strangers about my sense of style. That alone is really
satisfying and has inspired me in several ways.

In as much as blogging helps me gets more
creative with my style, it is a means of figuring out my God given talent,
making up contents which inspire a lot of people in different ways. It is also
an outlet for me to meet and connect with a larger audience.

On Zeemastyle, I will be sharing my personal style, beauty tips, trends, health tips and a bit of my experiences in life. I want to grow a strong family on here, where we vibe and bond real good and you equally share your own experiences and opinions with me. That way, we get to learn from each other.

I believe that what you wear is how you
present yourself to the world. It speaks volume of who you are without saying a
word. So guys! If you love my content of which you can’t help but love all of
it, do not hesitate to comment, I will definitely reply to all your comments
and do share to as many people as possible. Stay tuned and let's have fun.

Hugs and kisses.